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TeamMagic E4 2.5mm Carbon Fiber Chassis

TM503105 - 91,00 EUR
Lieferzeit ca. 3-7 Tage*

Thundertiger E-CLIP, 2.5mm

TPD34001KS Thundertiger E-CLIP, 2.5mm
TPD34001KS - statt 1.19 nur 1,19 EUR
Auf Lager, Lieferzeit 1-3 Tage* Technische Daten Geeignet für: JACKAL Marken-Name: Thunder Tiger

ProModels Team Corally - SSX-8R Car Kit - Chassis kit only, no electronics, no motor, no body, no tires

C-00130 - 398,00 EUR
Lieferzeit ca. 3-7 Tage* The last few years we have remarked a growing interest by racers to have a more simple car which has almost the same performances as the complicated 1/8 on-road suspension cars. With this information on hand our engineers have started the SSX-8 proje

LRP WorksTeam Tools 3.0mm Sechskant

65671 LRP  WorksTeam Tools 3.0mm Sechskant
65671 - statt 6.49 nur 5,84 EUR
Auf Lager, Lieferzeit 1-3 Tage* LRP Blue Factor Präzisionswerkzeuge für Profis!LRP erweitert seine Works Team  Tool-Line! Die gehärteten und mit einer sehr guten Passgenauigkeit versehenen Werkzeugköpfe sorgen für eine lange Lebensdauer von Werkzeug und Material. Diese sehr

ProModels Team Corally - SSX-8-R Car Kit - VELOX 805 - 1950KV - Combo

C-00130-C1 - statt 750.95 nur 596,00 EUR
Lieferzeit ca. 3-7 Tage* SSX-8-R Car Kit + VELOX 805 1950 KV Combo Save money and purchase your SSX-8-R Car Kit together with this optimised VELOX 805 1950 KV motor, REVOC 160 2-6S Controller and his Smart Box to program the REVOC 160 Controller. SSX-8-R Features: • 3.0mm

TD320043 - Team Durango Team Durango - Chassis Plate 2.5mm DESC410R


Team Durango / ProModels





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Team Durango - Chassis Plate 2.5mm DESC410R
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