K.33151RS - Kyosho FO-XX NITRO 1:8 GP 4WD READYSET (KT231P)

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Go ballistic with rigid axle 4WD + 3-speed A/T + 25-class engine power!

From its crawler-like agility to explosive power for wheelie starts, the FO-XX GP takes monster trucking to a new level. Formula off-road form combines with paddle tread pattern tires to produce breathtaking running performance. The hybrid tube frame and monocoque chassis structure is adorned with a pre-colored body and dummy front fog lights to create an intrepid style. A hinged front opening allows for fast and easy maintenance while the inner cover inside the fender not only fills the gap between the tires and chassis for improved scale appearance, but also keeps dirt out from the chassis. Proud owners of the FO-XX GP will be impressed with the fine attention to detail throughout, not to mentioned the proven front-rear 3-speed transmission + rigid axle + chain & shaft driven 4WD from the Kyosho Mad Force. Equipped with new polished welded manifold, tuned muffler and KE25 engine as its power source, the FO-XX GP becomes an unstoppable force. Use the break-in reducer and there is no need for break-in adjustment so even beginners can enjoy the brute force of the FO-XX GP as its runs wheelie charges with its powerful acceleration. This is a fully pre-assembled Readyset so all that's required is the fuel, engine starting tools, and batteries for the R/C system. With the 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P transmitter included, simply switch the power on and it automatically scans for an open frequency to use. Other features include separate dual-rate settings and a failsafe function that applies full brakes if the signal is lost. Combining real machine form and unstoppable running power, the FO-XX takes off-road to the extreme.

  • Fully factory assembled Readyset.
  • Formula off-road body style exudes realism.
  • 3-speed A/T makes full use of the power band and is included as standard.
  • Shaft and chain 4WD mechanism transfers traction efficiently.
  • Includes formidable black anodized side plate chassis.
  • Rigid front and rear axles feature robust casing.
  • 150cc fuel tank provides long run times.
  • Unique design of steering knuckle delivers increased steering angle.
  • Pre-painted and pre-cut body with decals applied.
  • Solid steel bevel gears equipped on rear diff gear.
  • Full ball bearing specifications use 22 bearings through the drive train.
  • Low height radio box delivers low center of gravity and effectively protects R/C system from dirt.
  • Paddle tread pattern tires provide sure-footed grip.
  • 17mm wheel hubs and nuts are compatible with the Inferno series.
  • Equipped with large capacity big bore shocks as standard.
  • Front - rear interchangeable suspension arms provide efficient maintenance and parts utilization.
  • Long wheelbase and low down suspension produces dynamic speed as well as stability in straight line running and cornering.

Chassis Technical Data

  • Length : 490mm
  • Width : 307mm
  • Height : 180mm
  • Ground Clearance : 28mm
  • Wheelbase : 316mm
  • Tread (F/R) : 215mm
  • Tire(F/R) : ¦93×38mm / ¦93×38mm
  • Gear Ratio : 8.861
  • Weight : 2600g approx.
  • Motor : GR18 (recoil starter installed / rear exhaust)

    Readyset Contents 
  • Factory assembled chassis complete with control linkages
  • Pre-colored body complete with decals applied
  • Pre-installed 2.4Ghz KT-231P R/C system
  • Fuel bottle
  • Plug heater
  • Cross wrench (large)
  • 17mm Wheel wrench
  • 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3mm Hexagonal wrench
  • Note) Fuel, 8 x AA sized alkaline batteries for transmitter & receiver, 2 x D-size batteries for plug heater are sold separately.
Required for operation
  • Fuel
  • AAA x 8 alkaline batteries for transmitter
  • Starting tools (Fuel bottle, Plug heater)

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