EFL2650 - E-Flite Piper Pawnee 15e

EFL2650 Piper Pawnee 15e E-FliteEFL2650 Piper Pawnee 15e E-FliteEFL2650 Piper Pawnee 15e E-FliteEFL2650 Piper Pawnee 15e E-Flite
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Piper Pawnee 15e ARF

Key Features

Can be flight-ready in as little as 4 hours

Exact-to-scale proportions

Many scale details including cockpit and seat

Balsa and ply construction

Super stable flight characteristics

Optional flaps

Removable one-piece wing

Genuine UltraCote ® covering

Painted fiberglass cowl


The Piper Pawnee was one of the first aircraft to be specifically designed and built for agricultural spraying and dusting. Recognizing the dangers of crop spraying: the natural dangers of low flying, obstacles such as water towers, windmills, farm buildings, fence posts and electrical or telephone wires, as well as the added hazards of the often toxic chemicals they delivered to the fields, the Piper Corporation purposefully engineered the Pawnee to take to the skies above the endless rows of corn as a dedicated crop-spraying aircraft.

E-flite`s Piper Pawnee 15e ARF is a scale airplane that is unlike anything else on the market. Designed by Peter Goldsmith, this attractive, easy to assemble balsa and plywood agricultural aircraft model has extremely gentle flight characteristics comparable to the ever-popular Piper Cub, making it the perfect plane for inexperienced to moderately experienced pilots. Created with the scale enthusiast in mind, E-flite`s Piper Pawnee 15e has all the attention to detail the discerning modeler demands. This almost-ready-to-fly plane replicates the exact scale outline of its full-scale counterpart-no modifications were made to its original shape. Scale aileron and flap locations also help to maintain the model`s scale integrity, furthermore, a preinstalled scale cockpit, complete with a detailed instrument panel and molded pilot`s seat, adds charming appeal. A scale, high-visibility UltraCote ® trim scheme and factory-painted fiberglass cowl finish off the airplane`s stylish looks.

Contributing to the Pawnee`s extraordinary performance is the low wing and semi-horner tip design that further improves the low speed handling so it maneuvers well even in somewhat confined areas. The flaps come preinstalled, but not yet cut out, so the modeler can elect to fly with or without them. The Pawnee has a lightweight, one-piece bolt-on wing that attaches to the fuselage with balsa struts. Its main undercarriage and landing gear are recreated with durable aluminum while scale Cub wheels facilitate smooth takeoffs and landings.

Its lightweight design is focused around E-flite`s Power 15 BL Outrunner Motor, with great power-to-weight ratio so pilots can achieve longer flight times-upwards of 25 minutes per charge-with a lower cost motor and battery combination. Or, the Pawnee can be paired with the Power 25 BL Outrunner Motor for maximum power. Either way, accessing the electronics will be a breeze thanks to the large, magnetic battery hatch. And, because of its low parts count and high level of completion, the Piper Pawnee 15e ARF will be flight-ready in as little as 3 hours.


Wingspan:60 in (1525mm)

Overall Length:41.5 in (1050mm)

Wing Area:550 sq in (35.5 sq dmm)

Flying Weight:4 - 4.25 lb (1.8 - 1.9 kg)

Motor Size:Power 15 - Power 25

Radio:6 channels w/ 4 mini servos, 6 with optional flaps

Servos:(4) JR Sport MN48`s, (6) with optional flaps

Trim Scheme Colors:UltraCote While (HANU870), Deep Blue (HANU873), and Scale Yellow (non-stock)

CG (center of gravity):2-1/2 in (62mm) from the leading edge of the wing

Prop Size:APC 11x7E

Hardware Included:Yes

Speed Control :35- to 40-Amp brushless

Recommended Battery:11.1 V 4200 3-cell Li-Po, 10-cell 1800mAh Ni-MH

Scale:Sport Flyer

Approx. Assembly Time:4 - 6 hours

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