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Dragon 1:35 German 3t 4x2 Truck w/2cm FlaK 38

500776828 Dragon 1:35 German 3t 4x2 Truck w/2cm FlaK 38
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Lieferzeit ca. 3-7 Tage* Dragon is releasing a useful new 1/35 scale kit of a famous German truck of the WWII era. By 1944, more than 130,000 of these 3t 4x2 truck platforms

- Newly tooled transmission cover included
- Newly made engine components including oil sump
- Authentic RSO0/ newly produced
- Side panels and tailgate of brand new cargo deck can be shown folded up or down
- Accurate chassis molded w/new details
- New assembly for delicately detailed road wheels
- Accurate and new gearbox included
- Curved cab frame type as option with wooden rack in cargo compartment for stowing spare Winterketten tracks
- Delicate Notek lamp reproduced
- Spare Winterketten tracks w/detailed surfaces on side panels
- Driver’s door can be assembled open/closed
- Intricate windshield made from clear parts
- Muffler w/exhaust pipe and optional towing frame included
- Optional bolted-on tow hook can be fitted
- Sprockets and idlers w/correct details
- Detailed levers and pedals for driver’s compartment
- Gun shield is true to scale
- Breech replicates the real one
- Gun can elevate to different angles
- Muzzle brake w/fine detail
- Finely detailed Magic Tracks
The Eastern Front presented many difficulties during WWII, one of which was the harsh weather. With few well-paved roads available, rain and snow could render the terrain almost impassable, as Germany found out during their first winter in 1941-42. For such difficult conditions, Germany realized it needed special tracked vehicles to traverse Russia’s roads and countryside. One solution offered up was the Raupenschlepper Ost (literally "Caterpillar Tractor East”, or "RSO” for short). The RSO, based on the Steyr 1500A light truck, was initially conceived as a prime mover and tractor for towing artillery pieces, although it was eventually put to many uses. The fully tracked vehicle performed very well in the muddy conditions, and various manufacturers eventually produced 23,000 vehicles before the war ended. The RSO/03 was a later-production variant that had a simple metal cab with a soft-top roof. It was powered to a top speed of 30km/h by a Deutz diesel engine. A pintle was
fitted at the rear for towing artillery pieces.
Dragon has followed up its earlier RSO kit mounting a PaK 40 gun with a 1/35 scale kit of the RSO/03. The only elements borrowed from the earlier kit are the chassis and running gear. Other parts such as the distinctive cab and cargo bed are completely new toolings in keeping with the redesigned RSO/03. Brand new, too, is the Deutz engine. To add to the appeal of this sharply detailed kit, it comes with Dragon’s acclaimed 5cm PaK 38 antitank cannon. This set thus creates a duo that was commonly seen on battlefields on the Eastern Front as antitank weapons and supplies were ferried to the places they were needed most. For an instant diorama in a muddy and snowy scene, this kit offers the perfect combination of pulling power and firepower!

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