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Dragon 1:35 Pz.Bef.Wg.V Panther Ausf.G

500776847 Dragon 1:35 Pz.Bef.Wg.V Panther Ausf.G
500776847 - statt 77.99 nur 62,30 EUR
Lieferzeit ca. 4-9 Tage* The 45-tonne Panther was one of the most important tanks used by Germany during WWII. A number of Panther Ausf. A and Ausf.G vehicles, 329 in fact, were converted into command tanks from May 1943 to February 1945. These were known in German as the

Dragon 1:35 Concrete Aromred StuG.III Ausf.G Zi

500776891 Dragon 1:35 Concrete Aromred StuG.III Ausf.G Zi
500776891 - statt 81.99 nur 65,60 EUR
Lieferzeit ca. 4-9 Tage* One interesting field modification of the tank destroyer StuG.III Ausf.G, in an effort to improve protection levels against enemy anti-tank guns, was to add a layer of concrete over the front of the casemate. While this practice may have brought ps

Tamiya 1:35 WWII Dt. 38t Jagdpanzer Hetzer(1)

300035285 Tamiya 1:35 WWII Dt. 38t Jagdpanzer Hetzer(1)
300035285 - statt 52.99 nur 44,95 EUR
Lieferzeit ca. 4-9 Tage* Already available as a 1/48 scale MM series kit, Tamiya now responds to the requests of military modellers and announces the release of the German Tank Destroyer Hetzer Mid Production in the 1/35 scale. About the Hetzer In 1943, the German high c

Italeri 1:35 38t Hetzer WoT

510036511 Italeri 1:35 38t Hetzer WoT
510036511 - statt 29.99 nur 26,05 EUR
Lieferzeit ca. 4-9 Tage* Length of the model 180 mm THE BOX CONTAIN: 1 MODEL KIT - 1 LIQUID CEMENT - 1 TANK GUIDE - WORLD oF TANKS DECALS - 1 INVITE CODES - 1 BONUS CODE In 1943, the Wehrmacht were experiencing a dire shortage of StuG III tank destroyers because the jo

Tamiya 1:35 WWII Dt. SdKfz.171 Panther A (2)

300035065 Tamiya 1:35 WWII Dt. SdKfz.171 Panther A (2)
300035065 - 19,05 EUR
Lieferzeit ca. 4-9 Tage* In the beginning of 1942, in order to fight against the T-34, the German military ordered a new tank from Dymler-Benz and M.A.N. companies with the following specifications: Weight- 35 tons; speed- 60 km/h; armament 75mm long gun and armour, 60mm

500776594 - Dragon 1:35 Pz.IV Ausf.G Apr-May 1943 Productio

500776594 1:35 Pz.IV Ausf.G Apr-May 1943 Productio Dragon
Dragon Premiumpartner

Dragon / Dickie-Tamiya-Carson





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- Newly tooled front armor and mantlet
- Krupp overlapping version of turret-skirt armor plate is newly tooled
- Newly tooled one-piece 3-directional slide-molded turret for Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G
- Newly tooled side fenders w/pattern detail on both top and bottom surfaces
- Great detail on newly tooled hull rear
- Newly designed side-skirt brackets presented in detail
- Newly designed side-skirt armor produced in metal for scale thickness
- New turret roof rendered w/turret-skirt armor brackets
- One-piece upper hull 2-side slide-molded w/new engine-deck design
- New driver"s and radio operator"s housing w/splash guard
- Side-skirt armor plates can be installed separately
- Turret-skirt and side-skirt armor plates can be installed separately
- Mantlet guard can be removed and gun unloaded as on real vehicle
- Complete gun assembly w/full detail
- Delicate coaxial MG w/hollow muzzle
- Finely detailed 7.5cm Kw.K.40 L/48 gun
- Gun sleeve w/delicate weld and bolt detail made from 3-directional slide molds
- Detailed gun muzzle brake
- Injection-molded fenders made to thinnest possible dimensions
- Starter access panel for Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G
- Brackets for side-skirt armor realistically detailed
- Includes hollowed-out undercut on turret bottom
- Incorporates toothed turret ring inside turret
- Spare-track bracket on glacis plate w/photo-etched and plastic options
- Separate front and rear fenders can be posed in a folded-back position
- Commander"s cupola recreates structural details
- Cupola vision blocks can be assembled open/closed
- Photo-etched part for engine-deck ventilation grill
- Engin hatches can be assembled open/closed
- Mentlet view port can be modeled open/closed
- Bolts and rivets accurately represented
- Hatches w/internal detail
- Detailed OVM arrangement on fenders
- Slide-molded storage bin w/accurate details can be assembled open/closed
- Intricate spare-track bracket on lower hull front
- Air-intake covers have option of injection of photo-etched parts
- Realistic double-layered air intake
- One-piece lower hull made from slide molds
- Hull bottom has full and correct details
- Idler adjuster mountings have accurate details
- Idler wheels w/correctly detaied parts
- Road wheels and suspension exhibit extreme details
- Realistic parting lines on rubber tires
- Final-drive housing w/etails on both sides
- Separate armored cover for final-drive housing
- Sprocket wheels w/breathtaking detail and multiple delicate parts
- Injection-molded on-vehicle tools w/clasps
Dragon already has an unparalleled range of Panzer IV plastic kits in its 1/35 scale range. However, the newest one is not just a rehash of previous kits, for it represents a Late Production variant of the Panzer IV Ausf.G. This kit actually represents a vehicle manufactured in April-May 1943, and which arrived on the Eastern Front in time for the enormous clash at Kursk. Indeed there were more than 800 Pz.Kpfw.IV G tanks in Army Groups Center and South at the time of the Kursk battle.
As a unique model in its own right, this Ausf.G Apr-May 1943 Production kit possesses a number of completely new parts. These new components include the turret, turret schurzen, side armor plates, fenders, add-on armor plates, frontal plate and schurzen brackets. The side schurzen plates are made from metal to allow an exact representation of those on the original vehicle. This is a Smart Kit, assuring modelers of a well-engineered product that is easy to assemble and yet is full of intricate detail. With this particular kit, the modeler can create a new Panzer IV G tank precisely as it appeared in the great Kursk confrontation.

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